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Our dental professionals are very skilled at placing restorations that blend in to replace natural tooth structure. Careful consideration is given to the layers of colour and translucency in a tooth when we match our restorative materials.  The result is a filling that has the same optical qualities as your teeth under differing lighting conditions. We apply these principals when placing single restorations, or sometimes in the course of a treatment plan that involves multiple teeth with cavities.


On occasions a patient may decide that it is time for a change!  Perhaps there are many restorations that have deteriorated visibly, an irregular or crooked arrangement, a denture that you are having trouble wearing, teeth that are chipped or grossly worn, or colour that you are unhappy with.  If you have a list, we can propose a plan of action!


Tell us your concerns and we can discuss your options for your personal case and integrate the various parts of a treatment plan.  It may involve coordinating veneers, crowns, bridges, orthodontic straightening, restoring vertical dimension of a worn dentition, or it may be simply a case of replacing selected fillings and a course of whitening.

Cosmetic dentistry