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Airway obstruction during sleep is now recognized as a hugely debilitating condition.  Sufferers are subject to substantial morbidity and mortality risks, and associated fatigue reduces a person’s ability to function at day and drowsiness endangers them while driving. Snoring is a related phenomenon that may certainly affect a partner or a relationship. 


A person’s size, the relationship between the jaws, and shape of the soft tissue anatomy behind the tongue are factors in the airway closing over during inhalation. It is most important that a sleep study is performed and assessed by a specialist sleep physician. In severe cases positive air pressure masks are needed.  However, increasingly oral appliances are deemed to be appropriate treatment.  Usually they have two halves that fit against the upper and lower teeth.  An interlinking connector then guides the lower jaw forward and opens up the airway.  An adjustable connector allows the dentist to calibrate the amount of repositioning needed to help sleep. 


These devices are very useful in limiting snoring and by coordinating assessment with a sleep physician in appropriate cases we can provide alternatives to bulky positive air pressure masks.