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Children up to the age of 18 years and whose families are receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A are eligible for an extensive range of dental treatment funded by the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. This includes emergency appointments, fillings, extractions and most importantly preventive care, including examination, cleaning and fluoride application. By bulk billing these services we can provide up to $1000 of treatment over a two year period.  It is important to let us know you intend to claim on the scheme when you make your appointment.  Medicare may have sent you confirmation of your eligibility, but our staff will contact Medicare to confirm your current entitlements with your Medicare card.


Our dental professionals like to make your child’s visit entertaining.  Their future dental wellbeing is helped no end if your little one’s are keen to return to the dental office.  We are fortunate to have the services of Megan Gollan, who holds degrees from Newcastle University in oral health therapy and some exceptional training in children’s dentistry. We may suggest preventive services for you child.  Cleaning, fluoride application, and instruction on home cleaning are important foundations for healthy teeth into your adulthood.  We may also suggest fissure sealing so that the grooves of the teeth are less likely to accumulate bacteria and then suffer decay. 


Deciduous (baby) teeth are important for not only chewing and aesthetics, but also maintaining the space and position for erupting permanent teeth.  Early loss of baby teeth can have severe consequences for later orthodontic problems.  Restorations for baby teeth need to balance durability and preventing further decay during the life of the tooth with efficient placement and maintaining the cooperation with your child.  In more involved cases we may suggest the use of nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to relieve anxiety.  This is a very safe way of gaining a child’s cooperation that can be performed in our office without putting the patient to sleep. It is a particularly useful aid when extractions are required. 


In exceptional cases we can carry out dental treatment under general anaesthesia at either the Mayo Private Hospital or Manning Base Hospital.  With a GA we can carry out an extensive treatment plan of restorations and / or extractions in one sitting.  This is sometimes an effective way to “clear the slate” and then importantly establish ongoing maintenance and preventive care to address the cause of the dental decay.  Medicare unfortunately will not issue CDBS rebates for work performed with general anaesthesia.


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