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Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth to restore function and appearance of missing teeth. We can provide full dentures when you have lost all your natural teeth on either upper and/or lower arches.  Sometimes we plan these as immediate dentures when the dentures are made ahead of the final extractions and issued on the appointment that these teeth are removed (no need to go with missing teeth).  We also can help you with the subsequent maintenance of your dentures, for example relining where the supporting bone remodels in the months after extractions.


We take great care with your partial denture design.  When we plan the replacement for only some of the teeth on one arch we need to carefully consider the effect the denture will bear on your remaining teeth.  After all, these teeth are a great help in keeping a partial denture stable.  The denture design needs to consider the condition of the supporting teeth and a thorough examination is needed to identify any problematic restorations that may need to be replaced before denture fabrication so that the fit of your new dentures is not compromised by avoidable subsequent fillings.  On occasions heavily restored supporting teeth may benefit form crowning and this allows the opportunity to incorporate precision fitting of the overlaying partial denture for maximum stability.  Only your dentist who has a thorough acquaintance with your teeth can tailor partial denture design to minimize damage to your remaining teeth, maximize stability, and identify possible problems that may be accommodated in the design. We offer a range of denture constructions from the simple to the more advanced, stronger, and less intrusive metal frame constructions.


We may also be able to suggest dental implants to help retain a denture, especially in cases where the ridges have receded and offer little support for your plate.

Of course we need to make sure the foundations for any denture are sound.  Megan, our dedicated dental hygienist, can provide routine cleaning and most importantly help you achieve an effective home dental hygiene programme.