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Our practice is fortunate to have the services of Megan Gollan who holds a Bachelor of Oral Hygiene degree from the University of Newcastle.  Megan is an important part of our team offering a broad range of preventive services for adults and children.  Megan offers routine recall appointments for cleaning, fluoride and dental examination for children.  Fissure sealing is often advised where the grooves on the occlusal surface of the teeth are deep and are showing signs of trapping plaque. Bonding a layer of composite resin over the fissures is an extensively researched and effective means of helping avoid subsequent decay in these areas. For adult patients Megan’s hygiene recalls can be coordinated with an examination by one of the dentists: Mark, Sunny or Paul. 


If there has been the need for multiple restorations the dentist may identify problems with diet or cleaning.  This is often the case with elderly patients with a number of health problems. Megan can offer some excellent options for home care and advise you on cleaning and diet considerations, and use of home and office fluoride.  Other remineralising treatments may also be used and can reverse the initial stages of decay (often noticed by white or brown opaque appearance on areas of the enamel).

Hygiene recall and prevention